Connecting WiFerm to WiFi - First Time Use
  1. Create an account and add your first device at Add a device by logging in and then select "Add a Device".
  2. Connect WiFerm to power with the supplied power cord and plug in the temperature probe.
  3. Open the WiFi settings menu on any computer, tablet or smartphone and choose "WiFerm Controller Setup" from the list of networks.
  4. Choose your WiFi network and enter your password. *If the connection popup does not appear, navigate to in any browser while connected to "WiFerm Controller Setup"
  5. Fill in the Username and Controller Name fields (using the username and controller name from your account creation). *Match capitalization and do not use spaces, please.

Your WiFerm is connected!

How to Reset

With the power connected, remove the temperature probe for 30-60 seconds.

This will reset your device to factory settings and you will need to run the WiFi configuration again.

LED Indications

Here's what the LED on the fron of the WiFerm is telling you:


SLOW BLUE = The WiFerm is booting up.


FAST BLUE = The WiFerm is in "connection mode". Connect to your home network and tell the WiFerm who it is by navigating to your WiFi settings on a phone, tablet or computer. Select "WiFerm Controller Setup" from the list of networks.


FLASH GREEN = The WiFerm is connected to a network.


SOLID BLUE = The WiFerm's cooling relay is on.


SOLID RED = The WiFerm's heating relay is on.


FLASH TWO REDS = The WiFerm is having trouble connecting to a network. The WiFerm will remember the last temperature it grabbed from the internets.


Q: My WiFerm is showing a temperature of 0º. What's up?

A: The capitalization you used in the WiFerm setup MUST match the capitalization you used when you registered the username and device name at Perform the reset procedure by unplugging the temp probe (while powered on) for 60 seconds. This will delete the username, controller name and WiFi network from the device. Recycle the power (with the temp probe plugged in) on the unit and run the setup.


Q: I don't remember the capitalization I used when I registered.

A: Send me an email at and I'll let you know how your username is registered.


Q: I'm getting texts every 30 seconds saying my temp is out of range. What's up?

A: The alerts reset when your temp gets back into your desired range. Your super-efficient fermentation setup is moving the temperture above and below your alert temperatures. Either turn the alerts off or change the alert temperature.