How does WiFerm work?


WiFerm uses a WiFi antenna to connect to your home network. The microcontroller within the unit sends and receives temperature data via the WiFerm web application.

When will the first units ship?

We are currently in the beta testing phase. We plan to ship the first units in late 2018 / early 2019.

Will WiFerm be available outside the US?

We are currently only able to fulfill orders and ship within the United States. We estimate that international customers should be able to order WiFerm within the first quarter of 2019.

Will there be a 240v unit?

Yes! The built-in AC-DC converter will support up to 240v AC. However, customers outside the US will need to purchase their country's AC power cord.

Will the temperature probe fit a standard thermowell?

The temperature probe measures 5.95mm at its widest. It attaches to the WiFerm via 3.5mm "headphone" connection and has a 2 meter long cord.

What happens if my WiFerm loses its connection with my network?

If network connectivity is lost, WiFerm will continue to maintain your fermentation temperature based on the last temperature it received from the database. The WiFerm sends and receives database information every 20 seconds.

If a connection is lost, the WiFerm will automatically make attempts to re-connect with your network.